About Antarnad

A little something about us.

Antarnad was started by a group of young mental health professionals to provide clinical and training services in the area of psychoanalytic psychology. It began as a ‘Psychotherapy Study Group’ in Ahmedabad in 1991. In 1995, it expanded into the ‘Institute of Psychotherapy’. As the scope of the activities undertaken at the Institute expanded, the need for a broader platform was felt and Antarnad Foundation was incorporated as a Section-25 Company in January 1999. Antarnad Foundation is a not-for-profit organization involved in providing psychoanalytically oriented mental health services and training through its three complementary subunits:

1) Psychotherapy Clinic :
The Psychotherapy Clinic [PC] provides long-term and brief psychoanalytic psychotherapy for adults, psychodynamic play therapy for children, family therapy and couples therapy. The services of the clinic are made affordable and psychotherapy made available to the community at large by the policy of charging fees on a sliding scale taking the financial capacity of the patient into consideration.

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2) Institute of Psychotherapy :
At the core of the Institute of Psychotherapy [IOP] is its intensive three-year Graduate Programme in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy. Meant for aspiring psychotherapists, it is based on the tripartite training model of didactic lectures, mandatory personal psychotherapy and psychotherapy of clients under supervision. While the emphasis in theory is on Classical Psychoanalysis, the curriculum provides for adequate exposure to alternative schools and contemporary developments in the field. There is a two-year non-clinical track for those who do not intend to pursue a clinical career but are keen on taking the insights of psychoanalysis to their own professions. IOP also runs the highly popular Introduction to Psychoanalytic Case Formulation, and the Certificate Programmes in Psychological Testing and SLD in collaboration with the Psychological Testing Unit.

The Institute is offering a five-month Certificate Programme in Psychoanalysis and Literature wherein the students get to learn about human nature by allowing for the two, Psychoanalysis and Literature, to think through each other. This course can be a great value addition to those intending to pursue social sciences and humanities, especially in Western universities.

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3) Guest Lectures & Public Programmes
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4) Community Outreach
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