Fundamentals of Clinical Supervision

On July 29th (Friday), 2016 [2 pm to 6 pm]

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By Sarala Kapoor

(Training & Supervising Psychoanalyst)

Even though clinical supervision is a crucial element in training clinicians, there is little focus on equipping us with the skills of effective supervision. The unspoken assumption is that somehow we can extrapolate our clinical training to be effective supervisors. This assumption ignores many significant differences between working with patients and being clinical supervisors.

Antarnad would like to take the lead in providing opportunities for supervisory skill development and creating a support system to make this a continuous / on-going process. If there is sufficient interest in the community, it will be possible to offer follow-up workshops in 2016-17.

Saralaji will primarily focus on:
◊ responding to transference and countertransference dynamics including parallel processes
◊ identifying and dealing with boundary violations.

If one of you would like do a case-presentation (of your work with a supervisee OR a patient), please get in touch with us immediately. The workshop content will be relevant to clinicians from diverse theoretical

Venue: 402 Shikhar, Mithakali Six Roads, Ahmedabad.
Timings: 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Fees: In the interest of making this workshop accessible widely to students and clinicians, Antarnad would like to keep the fees just to cover just the refreshments and such:
1. For professionals / practicing clinicians: Rs. 500. First Priority for clinicians and supervisors.
2. For students: Rs. 250. Will be considered only if there is space available and have some previous training or experience. Confirmations will be sent out only 1-2 days before the workshop.

Sarala Kapoor is a training and supervising analyst with the Indian Psychoanalytical Society (IPS;, Kolkata – the premier psychoanalytic professional body in India. In addition to her career with the Institute of Post-Graduate Medical Education and Research, Kolkata, she represented IPS at the International Psychoanalytic Studies Organization (IPSO), Hague. She has also authored a number of papers (“Freedom from known: A transference-countertransference relationship”, “The Necrophilic Society”, “Ardhanariswara: From the perspective of dynamic energy”, etc.) and organized workshops (e.g. Human sexuality, Ethics of Psychotherapy, Drug abuse).
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