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The Psychological Testing Unit [PTU] complements the activities of the psychotherapy clinic by providing psychodiagnostic services. The clinical evaluations made here are used in deciding upon the use of psychopharmacological treatment and psychodynamic psychotherapy. At the PTU, a dynamic developmental life span perspective is regarded as critical in the evaluation of each individual and the tests are selected so as to address the full range of behavioural domains. Since behaviour depends on a complex interplay of perceptual, cognitive, emotional and environmental factors, the tests used here are multifactorial and culturally congruent. Hence, as far as possible, the unit uses only validated Indian adaptations of psychological tests. Since the professionals with this unit are also practicing psychotherapists, the reports generated here are detailed and clinically more useful. The unit also conducts a Certificate Programmes in Psychological Testing and SLD with the Institute of Psychotherapy.

Testing Services at PTU

All the psychological tests conducted at PTU are preceded by an intensive clinical interview, and in case of children, supplemented by an observation session and a parental interview.

Intelligence Tests. These tests help to objectively assess and quantify the intellectual level of an individual, and give a global picture of intelligence as well as the achieved levels and potential in different domains of intelligence.
Wechsler Adult Performance Intelligence Scale, Indian Adaptation [WAIS–PS.]. Age 15 to 45 years. Administration time 1 hour.
Malin’s Intelligence Scale for Indian Children, Indian adaptation of WISC [MISIC] Includes both verbal and performance scales. Age 6 to 15 years. Administration time 2-2˝ hours.
Seguin Form Board [SFB] Based on the single factor theory of intelligence, measures speed and accuracy. Used in case of speech impairment and as a screening test to select the appropriate battery of IQ tests. Age 3˝ to 10 years, and upto adult level for the mentally handicapped. Administration time 15-30 minutes.
Binet Kamat Test Of Intelligence [BKT] Includes both verbal and performance tests. Age 3 to 22 years and adults with mental handicap. Administration time 2–2˝ hours.

Psychiatric Scales. These scales assess different disorders and their severity, have a prognostic value and assist in chalking out better treatment plans.
Childhood Autism Rating Scale [CARS] To identify autism and its severity in children upto 10 years. Age 1˝-2 years onwards. Observation time 1 hour. Administration time 1–2 hours.
Bell’s Adjustment Inventory, Adult Form [BAI-AF] Marks out four major areas of adjustment, health, social, emotional and occupational. Age adults. Administration time 1 hour.
Specific Learning Disability Tests [SLD] Qualitative and quantitative assessment of deficits in Reading, Writing, Spelling and Arithmetic that are out of proportion with intelligence and age appropriate expectations within and across subjects. [can be exclusive or a mixture of areas]. Age 6 to 17 years, standards 1 to 12. Administration time 2–2˝ hours.
  Administering an intelligence test (MISIC) is a prerequisite for the SLD Test.
The unit also conducts Remedial Programmes for Specific Learning Disorders.

Developmental Scales. The developmental tests help assess the developmental level and maturity in infants and very young children, and give a post hoc view of the developmental phases in older children. These scales, when used in conjunction with the intelligence tests, give an in-depth and more thorough understanding of the child’s developmental level in various areas.
Vineland Social Maturity Scale, Indian adaptation [VSMS] Quantification of social maturity in terms of social age and social quotient. Age 0 to 15 years, and adults with mental handicap. Administration time 1 hour.
Developmental Screening Test [DST] Age 0 to 15 years, and adults with mental handicap. Administration time 1hour.

Projective Tests. Projective techniques are sensitive to unconscious aspects of behaviour, permit and encourage a wide variety of responses, are highly multi-dimensional and thereby reveal various psychical aspects of the personality. Since these tests are rooted in psychoanalytic psychology, our professionals are best equipped to provide clinical interpretations because of their thorough grounding in psychoanalysis.
Rorschach Inkblot Test [RIT] Primarily a personality assessment tool that brings forth an individual’s idiosyncratic ways of perceiving, it has a very high diagnostic value in identifying psychological and personality disorders. Age 15 years and above. Administration time 2-4 hours [could stretch over two sessions if more time is required]
Thematic Apperception Test, Indian Adaptation [TAT] Reveals the silent dynamics of the personality in terms of unconscious desires and needs, defences commonly used, and the individual’s view of interpersonal relationships. Age 10 years and above. Administration time 1˝-2 hours.
Children Apperception Test [CAT] A version of the TAT for use with children. Age 3 to 15 years. Administration time 1˝-2 hours.

Non-Clinical Vocational & Occupational Tests. Though the focus at PTU is on clinical work, it makes its professional expertise available for non-clinical testing as well. Currently, the following tests that assess an individual’s interests, aptitude and personality are available and these may be used for educational and career counseling.
Multi-dimensional Assessment of Personality [MAP Series-Adult] Personality assessment of adults on 20 different factors. Age 18 to 62 years. Administration time 30–45 minutes.
Comprehensive Interest Schedule [CIS] Assessment in 14 areas of interest to get an index for job persistence and job satisfaction. Age 21 years and above. Administration time 30-45 minutes.
Adaptive Behaviour Scale [ABS] Assessment in 10 areas. Any age. Administration time: 45–60 minutes.

For further information on clinical assessment services at PTU, psychiatrists, paediatricians, neurologists, and other medical and mental health professionals may call:

Dr Mamta Shah, Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist
Faculty and Head, Psychological Testing Unit
Phone 91 79 26442282, 64501901

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