Institute of Psychotherapy

Psychoanalysis, the most important intellectual legacy of the twentieth century, is the grandest theory of the psyche ever developed and a powerful method of treating psychological disorders, with wide ranging applications in the arts and the social sciences. Though the discoveries in the field were made in the process of clinical work with patients, recent developments in neurobiology and cognitive science further validate the theories of psychoanalysis.

The Institute of Psychotherapy [IOP] is the first institute in the country that started courses giving the full flavour of psychoanalysis, the application of psychoanalysis to clinical work, art and literature, society and culture, and even cinema. The clinical track of its graduate programme aims to train psychoanalytic psychotherapists to cater to the mental health needs of the community. From time to time a non-clinical track is also offered with the goal of training people to apply insights of psychoanalysis to other humanities fields like literature, cinema and the arts. (See CERTIFICATE PROGRAMME IN PSYCHOANALYSIS AND LITERATURE).

The courses at IOP are rigorous and the students are expected to handle the selections from the original writings of the psychoanalytic pioneers, papers from peer-reviewed journals, and published clinical case studies. The clinical track students have a very strong component of clinical course work. IOP has been successful in creating a small yet dedicated group of psychoanalytic psychotherapists; while some have started their own psychotherapeutic practice, others have opted for further training in the same field in prestigious universities abroad. Thus, IOP sees itself as both a pioneer and feeder service for serious psychoanalytic studies.

Since Antarnad Foundation sees itself primarily as a psychoanalytic training and services organization, it believes that it can offer the best to its students and its patients by being at the forefront in the field. Even as the students get steeped in psychoanalytic theories, it is absolutely crucial to develop an understanding into the epistemology and ontology of psychoanalysis and be able to offer a robust critique. To this end, students will go through a module on critical thinking and basics of research methodology. There will also be a module on ethics and boundaries in clinical relationships to prepare students in developing a culturally sensitive perspective on how to handle elements that could affect the therapeutic relationship.

For students who would like to explore research issues in more detail, an additional module can be offered in the graduate programme which would prepare the students for independent research and for doctoral programmes. A major goal for Antarnad is to develop a culture of research, to create a pool of researchers who could work on psychoanalytic projects taken up by Antarnad, and to have publications in peer-reviewed journals. Another special module that could be offered is on developing clinical supervisory skills.

Antarnad has offered other Certificate programmes from time to time in Child Development, Psychoanalysis and Literature,and Introduction to Psychoanalytic Case Formulation. Just to give an idea of how these courses were structured the last time they were offered, please check out the links. When offered again, the course content is likely to be updated.

For the academic year 2016-17, we will be offering a few weekend intensive courses, movie analysis and other events. Please check the website in a few weeks for more details.

For course details, please click on the relevant links. Prospectus and Application forms are available at Antarnad Foundation. Prospective candidates may contact the respective course coordinators for further clarifications.

Dr. Shyamsundar Kotagal
Dean of training(Academic and Clinical)
Phone 079-40092556
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